Coaches Page

This page is to be used by the Wett Ones Coaches for planning and providing access to resources.


Training Record Form

Please use this page to record details of training sessions including, date, session time, coaches and number of lanes used. This will allow the club to reconcile our fees from Sydney Uni, ensure coaches are paid correctly and track lane usage.

Link to Training Record Form

Coaches Google drive

Google Drive gives us space to store files related to coaching. You will find information on swim sets, masterclasses, planning and health & safety. If you don't have access please ask Nick.

Link to Coaches Google Drive

Training Phases

1. Pre Conditioning


•work with pullboy, fins, paddles, snorkel

•medium to long distance sets

•medium speed and intensity

•focus on techinque

2. Conditioning

•longer distance sets

•higher speed and intensity

•reduced rest

3. Competition Prep

•reduced distance

•increased speed

•increased intensity

•increase rest periods

•sprint work

•dive starts and turns

Coaching Calendar

This is a google calendar. You can view the calendar separately here. You can also add the calendar to your email or phone's calendar if you use gmail. If you don't have access please ask Nick.