Swimming is part of the Aussie way of life! No matter your age, gender, or sexuality Wett Ones are here to help you to get in the water and take part.


Under 18s

Being a gay swimmer doesn’t just click into place on your 18th birthday! Through our contact with Swimming NSW we can put you in touch with your nearest lgbt+ friendly teen swimming club, and we are happy to help and respond to any related queries you have about being a young lgbt swimmer or athlete.

All swim clubs in NSW should welcome young gay and lesbian swimmers. Masters Swimming and Swimming NSW have very clear policies in place meaning that you will be able to swim, whether for fun, fitness, or for more serious competition without worry of discrimination due to your gender or sexuality. Should you ever encounter any such issues we strongly encourage you to contact your relevant sporting body, and as always you can contact us for further advice and information.

We are an accredited masters swimming club, which means anyone can join from their 18th birthday onward. We are keen to encourage younger swimmers by removing any barriers to you coming along to one of our sessions – we have reduced fees and a dedicated new start contact to help with any questions you may have. We also offer free equipment loan so you literally just need togs and a towel to get started!

The Cheapest Swim in Town!

Your first three swims with us are completely free and completely free of obligation. After those three swims you will be asked to join the club - this covers your insurance, admin costs, and allows you to swim as a Wett One at events and competitions.

Wett Ones charges a reduced annual membership fee of just $75 for all swimmers 26 and under, and we also offer 50% off coaching fees! Its absolutely the cheapest way to get high quality swim coaching for any young person within NSW – no other clubs or pool squads offer such good value!

To be clear that's:

  • $75 per year for your club membership
  • $2.75 per swim for coaching and lane hire
  • $5.50 per swim paid to the pool for entry

From Doggy Paddle to Butterfly!

To join us you can be of pretty much any swimming ability, we have several lanes and coaches operating in parallel to cater for varying abilities at each session. So you could be a novice or an accomplished swimmer and we will have something to offer.

The beginners lane swim about 1.5 km in an hour session, but you wouldn't be expected to complete that on your first time. Just stick with it and build your fitness and you'll be up to speed in no time.

We have several mid-ability lanes, building up to our competitive lane which completes 3 km in a hour and prepares our swimmers for national masters level, and annual LGBT competitions like Miami OutGames 2017.

More than just another swim club!

So why join us rather than any other swimming club? Its simple – we are highly involved with the LGBT+ community in Sydney and welcome everyone regardless of gender or sexuality. We have fun both in, and out of the pool – with opportunities to meet like-minded people through social events, community involvement, and of course plenty of change room banter!

Getting started with us is as simple as sending an email. Just use the form here to tell us more about yourself, and you’ll receive all the information on the club and when its best to come for your first session – that way we can give you the warmest welcome!

I think its better to attempt something and fail, than it is to not even attempt it, so I’m glad that I’ve been prepared to put myself on the line there.
— Ian Thorpe (Legendary Gay Olympic Swimmer)