Wett Ones is a not for profit incorporated organisation, run by members of the community. We are also fortunate enough to have experienced, accredited coaches - one or more of whom is pool side to explain and assist with the swimming program and with technique and pointers.

Our Coaches


Peter McGee

Peter coaches on Friday and Sunday, and is a regular swimmer. Peter is also a well regarded masters swimming official, providing his watchful eye at swim meets.


Nick Westaway

Nick is on-deck alongside Peter on Friday nights looking after our faster swimmers. Nick brings great knowledge of swimming skills and drills to our team. 

Vassili Efimov

Vas is one of our coaches on deck on Wednesdays, looking after the faster swimmers. He also regularly joins us in the water as a swimmer on other days of the week. 


Brian Osterio

Brian is often on deck on Monday nights looking after our lane 8 swimmers. Brian has a strong background in youth and adult learn to swim, and brings that excellent knowledge to our newer swimmers.

Janet Bolton

Janet is our Monday evening coach and often swims with the club. She has previously been an open age swimming coach and elite level swimmer. 


Wendje Magnus

Wendje joins Vas on Wednesday nights to look after our lane 8 swimmers. Wendje is a qualified Masters Coach with experience with a variety of clubs in NSW.

Wett Ones coaches are proud to be part of an openly LGBTIQ Masters swimming club. As swimmers, we have gained something special from membership of a lesbian and gay swimming club. As coaches, our overarching goal is to enable others to gain that special experience.

The relationship between coaches and swimmers is a partnership. Coaches encourage swimmers to develop their skills and expand their appreciation of swimming within their specific goals, enjoy the process of training, and develop friendships within the club and the wider swimming community. Coaching is also a learning experience. We gain knowledge about different individuals and deepen our understanding of the importance of swimming. Fundamental to our passion is the love of swimming which we wish share with other swimmers.

We have different backgrounds and experiences, which lead to unique approaches to coaching. The rewards of coaching inevitably differ among individuals. We encourage swimmers to work with us and trust in the programs we set for them. We applaud the efforts made to work with our suggestions. We acknowledge and share the celebration with each swimmer as they develop their technique. We support the swimmers, physically, intellectually and emotionally. The complex role requires complex responses.

As coaches we want the swimmers to strive to refine and improve their swimming abilities and at the same time enjoy the sessions and companionship of other club members in what is a very special swimming club.

Wett Ones’ Strategic Plan

Wett Ones’ mission is to provide a safe, friendly and supportive swimming environment for the gay and lesbian community, our allies, friends and supporters in Sydney. To read our strategic plan for 2019 - 2022, click here.

Our Committee - 2018/19

President - Robert Hardie

The president helps to organise the committee and the coaches, liaise with the pools, chair meetings and ensure the club continues to run in a manner in line with our constitution and the guidelines set out by Masters Swimming Australia.

E: president@wettones.org  

Registrar/Race Secretary - Evan Morris

The registrar enters details into the club and Masters Swimming databases and ensuring all the appropriate payments are made. The registrar also keeps us up to date with and enters us into all of the available swimming meets, and keeps track of our times at those meets.

E: registrar@wettones.org

Safety Officer - David Prince

The safety officer ensures coaches are up to date with safety accreditation, deals with safety incidents, and ensures the clubs reporting to Masters is up to date.

E: safety@wettones.org

Social Media Rep - Vacant

Ensuring Wett Ones gets lots of likes and hearts on social media means we can lift the club’s online presence - many of our members have found us through social media.

Meet Director - Vacant

In 2019, Wett Ones will host a Masters Swimming Branch Points Score Meet. Our Meet Director is responsible for liaising with Masters Swimming to ensure a seamless, professional and fun event.

Secretary - Nick Westaway

Our club secretary is kept busy with answering your emails, updating social media and the mailing list with upcoming events, as well as planning the agenda of, and taking minutes for the committee and membership meetings.

E: secretary@wettones.org  

Women's Rep - Susie Purcell

Our female representative is the point of contact for any ladies who would like an issue raised with the committee or to have something discussed at a committee meeting. The female rep is also charged with trying the grow the female membership of the club.

E: women@wettones.org

Fundraising, sponsorship and engagement - Vacant

Our fundraising coordinator is responsible for topping up the club’s coffers through our regular raffles, sourcing prizes for competitions, awards and our carnival. Our fundraiser also deals with the relationships we have with our generous sponsors.

Mardi Gras Coordinator - Andrew Elias

Wett Ones participates in the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras carnival - this role coordinates the various activities necessary to have a professional, fun and glittery experience for our club members.

E: mardigras@wettones.org

Treasurer - David Loader

The treasurer holds the club's purse-strings! The treasurer oversees the club's budget, monitors spending and income from members, they report the monthly balance sheet to the committee each month to keep everyone up to date with the club's financials.

E: treasurer@wettones.org

Men's Rep - Pat Birgan

The club’s male rep is the point of contact for any men who would like an issue raised with the committee or to have something discussed at the committee meeting. They will also be able to put you in contact with other organisations if you need assistance with non-swimming issues.

E: men@wettones.org

Coaches’ Rep - Peter McGee

The Coaches’ Rep is a vital link between the work of the committee and our small, dedicated team of professional coaches.

Social Rep - Samantha Wolf

We pride ourselves on swimming hard, and playing harder! A social club is a happy club, and the social rep works with the committee to ensure we get the balance right between the pool and play time.

E: social@wettones.org

The July to December 2019 social calendar is available here.