Mardi Gras Meet 2018 Handicap Relay Team Entry


Mardi Gras Meet 2018 Handicap Relay Team Entry

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Not swimming in our regular events but want to enter a team in our handicap relay? Maybe you're a competing swim team, corporate entity, group of friends, or a family... YOU CAN ALL ENTER!

Enter Your Team Today

Discounted early bird entry is available here for our Handicap Relay Event prior to the day of the event.

(Entry available on the day of the event at $20.)

How the Relay Works:

Teams nominate a time and they are handicapped against the times submitted. (Submitted times are converted to the nearest second)

Nominate 4 swimmers in your team. Team members do not need to be from the same club and can be any combination of male, female or mixed, and may be any age group.

Teams will be started based on their handicap, where the slowest entry will start first and the next fastest team will be started second, and so on through to the fastest team.

How is the winner decided:

The winner is the team that finishes first without swimming more than 5 seconds faster than their nominated time. (To ensure you nominate the most accurate time you can).


Awarded to the 3 winning teams.

*This event is part of the Wett Ones Mardi Gras Carnival and open to all. To enter individual events please visit Masters Swimming NSW.

*There is also a 4x100 Team Medley Relay which can be entered on the day.

This event is commonly called a handicap relay. NSW Swimming provides the following definition for a handicap event.

In Handicap swimming, the swimmers are "equalised" by commencing their start at different time intervals based on entry times submitted for a determined style and distance. It would be anticipated that if each swimmer swam to his submitted time (or swam to his "handicap") that all swimmers in that race would arrive at the finishing line at the same time. In practice the SLOWEST swimmer (also called the Limit Swimmer), based on his submitted time (or handicap), starts FIRST at the command "GO". The other swimmers leave the starting platform when their STARTING NUMBER is called, until the last swimmer (also called the Scratch Swimmer), who has the FASTEST submitted time (or handicap), has his starting number called and he commences the race.