Your Safety

All of our coaches are trained and certified in CPR. However, everyone around the pool including swimmers have a shared responsibility for safety. Swimmer responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Swimmers must obey the rules of the Sydney University Swimming Pool and the Boy Charlton Swimming Pool facilities.
  • Swimmers must not enter the pool until their coach gives them permission to do so.
  • Swimmers should follow the directions of their coach at all times.
  • If you see someone doing something unsafe or an unsafe situation, please notify your coach.
  • Should you find yourself requiring assistance in the pool then hold onto the lane rope and raise your hand. Responsible swimmers will be in the pool and able to assist you.  By raising your hand this will alert your coach that you are having difficulty and may be in need of medical assistance.
  • While jewellery constitutes a danger for swimmers and is not allowed at Wett Ones training sessions, it is recognised that certain sports watches had evolved to a point where they pose little risk of harm while providing immediate and longer term information of value to the coach and swimmer.
    Those with slimline sports watches, such as Apple Watches or similar, who wish to wear these during training may ask permission from that session’s coach to wear the device for that session.
    Please note that this is not an automatic authority: coaches are tasked with ensuring a safe training environment, and an effective coaching experience, for all, and the decision is at the end of the day an individual one. On the basis of the device being bulky or having sharp edges, or in situations where the coach is concerned distraction will impact the value of the session for the swimmer concerned, they may still request the device is removed for the session.
    It is also worthy of note that Masters Swimming continue to have a ban on such devices in competition.


CPR Certification Courses

The Wett Ones Swimming Club organises an in-house CPR Certification Course.  This is usually held once a year at the Sydney University Aquatic Centre and is run by an accredited teacher.  Wett Ones Coaches and swimmers are encouraged to attend to obtain or renew their CPR Certification.

Should we not be able to organize an in-house training course or should swimmers wish at other times during the year to attend a CPR Certification Course then please click onto the following links for external training providers.

Royal Life Saving –

St John New South Wales –


What is CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)?

If you are unsure of what CPR is or need to familiarize yourself with the steps of CPR then please click onto the following CPR Chart.

No matter what your swimming goal is with the Wett Ones Swimming Club – your first goal should always be your own safety and the safety of your fellow swimmers!  Have fun and train safe!