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How to Join

How to Join.


How to Join

How to Join.

Wett Ones Swimming Club conducts swimming training sessions for those who wish to get fit, keep fit and improve their swimming.  We are a club run by its swimmers for its swimmers.  Our coaches are also members and regularly swim with the club too.

Swimmers of all standards are welcome - although prospective members must be able to swim a kilometre of freestyle (breathing properly with head in the water) as a minimum.  We do not teach people how to swim, but, numbers permitting, coaches may give individual advice.  We do use some 'drills' or exercises within training sessions to assist swimmers to improve their technique.  

Our training sessions may differ from other training sessions. Wett Ones emphasizes 'mindful swimming'. Our approach to swim training, and individual swim strokes, is based on innovative ideas developed by Milt Nelms and Bill Boomer and taught by Milt Nelms and Shane Gould. Body awareness, and swimming in a way which is less stressful on the body, and, therefore, less injurious, is emphasized. Our sessions are designed to help swimmers of all ages, standards and speed to feel more comfortable in the water, to swim more easily and with less effort.

Wett Ones has a good relationship with Sydney University Swim School, and strongly recommend their learn to swim classes and adult squads to anyone uncertain about their stroke or fitness.

Wett Ones' coaches prepare detailed training programs for each session based on a yearly program.  Swimming to a specific program can be both physically and mentally beneficial, providing:

  • general, swimming and cardio-vascular fitness
  • race preparation for those who enjoy competing in swim meets - both in the pool and the ocean
  • directed swimming intended to challenge swimmers at all levels
  • the opportunity to socialise with other swimmers


What It Costs.


What It Costs.

Your first three swims with the club are completely free, allowing you to give squad swimming a go with no obligation. You’re welcome to turn up to the pool deck, introduce yourself and dive in. Please introduce yourself to the coach on deck if it is your first session.

After your third session we will ask you to start paying. The cost of swimming with us is made of up three components:

Coaching Fee

To cover the cost of lane hire and coaching, members pay the following for each session:

Normal Member Price - $6.00

Lunchtime sessions (45 mins) - $5.50

25 & under/concession - $3.00

We no longer accept cash - all payments are made via the Square ‘tap and go’ system. Payments will be collected by a club member on the pool deck before swimming, and after for those who arrive late.

Pool Entry

The pool staff will ask you to pay at the desk as you enter. Fees can be reduced by buying multiple entry passes.

Sydney University - $6.00 - Be sure to mention the Wett Ones or you'll be charged full price!

Andrew 'Boy' Charlton/Victoria Park - $6.00

Club Membership

Masters swimming requires an annual membership fee to pay for insurances and administration.

Normal Member - $130.00 / calendar year

25 & Under/Pensioner/Unemployed - $85.00 / calendar year


Visiting swimmers from other masters clubs are always welcome to come and train for $6.00 plus pool entry!



Club Membership.


Club Membership.

After swimming with us for your first three, free swims, all swimmers are required to join the state Masters Swimming body, Masters Swimming New South Wales, which is in turn a member of AUSSI Masters Swimming in Australia Inc.  This membership provides Wett Ones with the following important benefits: 

  • Access to lane space at pools

  • Insurance for swimmers

  • Access to Masters swimming competitions

  • Accreditation for coaches and officials

  • Quarterly newsletters.

Annual membership costs $130 per calendar year - talk to our Registrar, Male/Female Rep or other Committee Member pool side with any questions or concerns.

You can pay your membership fee securely online via debit or credit card. If you are under 25, you qualify for our subsidised membership fee, please advise our club registrar before you join by talking to them at the pool or emailing

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Squad Swimming

Swim With Pride.

Squad Swimming

Swim With Pride.

Swimming in a Wett Ones squad is not about mindlessly 'following the black line'.  Our sessions are varied, often challenging and designed to engage both the brain and the body.  Our sessions are about swimming mindfully, and may require careful attention to instructions.

Broadly, swim training sessions are broken into three parts.  Each part is important and swimmers are expected to turn up in time to do the full warm-up swim.  Better still, turn up 20 minutes early to chat and stretch before the session.  Do not rush off before completing the swim down, and don't forget to stretch after each session too.


The warm-up

Warm-up allows swimmers time to wind down and stop thinking about the day's work, to focus on being in the water and on swimming. Slower swimming gets the blood circulating and is important mental and physical preparation for the rest of the session.

The main set

This is where most of the hard work is done.  You can't get fit without putting in some energy and real effort.  BUT you are not expected to swim at 100% effort each session - that is impossible and is not how anyone gets fit, not even elite swimmers.  Much of your training will be done at levels of 85% effort or less.  The coach will tell you how and when to swim fast.  Expect to be puffed and to swim yet another length - that's how you get fitter. That's the reward.

The swim down

This final part of the swim session ensures that an adequate amount of blood returns to the heart, assisting in the removal of lactic acid and other waste products.  Generally 200-300 metres of mixed slower swimming, or as directed by the coach, is sufficient.

At any session there may be up to 12 swimmers in each lane. This means it can seem pretty hectic! However, the coaches write the programme for the session on a whiteboard that you can see from the water and everyone is swimming the same set. Just follow the instructions and challenge yourself to keep swimming, but if you get lost don't panic - just ask the coach or the swimmer before or after you.

If you feel like you want to overtake (ZOOM!) the etiquette when the lanes are busy is to either ASK the swimmer in front of you when you reach the next natural point, or gently tap their feet and WAIT for them to let you past at the end of the lap. If you feel like you need to slow down (Zzzz...) push on to end of the lap and then stand in the corner of the lane to allow the swimmers behind you to pass.

Generally we swim 10 seconds apart unless instructed otherwise by the coach.  For our many visitors - don't forget that we swim clockwise, with the lane-rope on our left.

If you have any other concerns read the FAQ section below... or just send us a quick query... one of the committee or coaches will be pleased to help you out!



Social Events.


Social Events.

Inclusive, safe, friendly – the Wett Ones family

Wett Ones is a family, with our members coming from all across Australia, and all over the world.  Some come for a short time, others for life.  Our members range from retirees to professionals and students.

While many of our members have made Sydney their home, their extended families may live far away – as a club, we provide a safe place to get fit, find friends and seek pastoral support through a network of likeminded individuals.  Life-long friendships have been made on the pool deck thanks to Wett Ones.

Wednesday at The Royal Hotel

Every Wednesday after training Wett Ones gather for a meal and drinks at The Royal hotel, a 2 minute walk from the Sydney Uni pool. Post-training dinner is casual, low cost and immediately after the swim training. One Wednesday a month we also have a cake to celebrate all the birthdays that month.

All are welcome to come along and you don't have to go so far as to train beforehand! 

Saturday at The Poolside Cafe

On Saturday mornings during the summer after 10am training at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in the Domain, Wett Ones gather for brunch at the beautiful pool cafe.  It's a great way to ease into the weekend. 

Socials and Fundraisers

Every so often, Wett Ones organise a diverse range of social events.  We also organise fundraisers at various times of the year.  All Wett Ones and their friends are welcome at club events.  Further details will be provided as events are organised and be sure to check the calendar!

Visit our Wett Ones events calendar for up-to-date information on all upcoming social events and visit our gallery page to see photos from past events.

Mardi Gras and other events

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is a major event for our community and the club participates actively; we have a stall at Fair Day and a float in the Mardi Gras parade.

Beyond our big Mardi Gras events, we have a social calendar for the year ahead, with major events including our annual Christmas and Awards afternoon, a ‘Half-Halloween’ fancy dress party, dinners following club meets and weekly after training dinner (with monthly cake night to celebrate birthdays for the month).  We actively participate in swimming carnivals and ensure they are both a competitive and social experience for all club members.



So Many Questions!


So Many Questions!

Everyone has the same concerns when starting with a swimming squad. Read on and hopefully we can answer everything you'll ever need to know!

How do I get started?

It's as easy as just coming along to one of our normal swimming sessions and introducing yourself to the group. You will be welcomed by everyone and introduced to the coach and/or a committee member who will explain the ropes to you.

Where do you swim?

We swim at Sydney University Sports & Aquatic Centre:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30pm - 7:30pm

  • Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00pm - 1:45pm

  • Sunday at 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Sydney Uni pool is a 50 metre, indoor, heated pool.

On Monday and Thursday we swim between 6:00am and 7:00am at Victoria Park Pool.

During summer we also swim at Andrew 'Boy' Charlton pool on Saturday at 10:00am to 11:00am, followed by brunch.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need swimmers (for men, speedo brief/jammer style preferred), goggles and a towel. For women any one or two-piece swimsuit is fine, just remember you will be working out in it so ensure its a secure fit!

How will I know which lane to swim in?

Our qualified, experienced coaches will help you out with this. We generally have three lanes reserved for us at Sydney University Pool and swimmers are divided into slower, medium and fast lanes. If you are unsure will lane to lane to get into, it may be better to start in a slower lane, and if you find it too easy you can always move up.

How will I know what stroke I'm supposed to swim?

The coach will explain everything to you. They will also write down the program for the session, bit by bit on the whiteboard that is within view of the pool - so if you forget just take a glance up there. The writing on the board may include some specific terminology (or swimming shorthand), if you are unsure just ask the coach.

I can't swim that far just yet, but I'm keen to get better...

At every training session we have several lanes in the pool reserved just for us. Swimmers are divided into the lanes according to their ability - so usually there will be a slow, medium and faster lane - meaning you will be swimming with people of around the same ability as yourself. We do remind new swimmers though that we are a swimming squad and not a learn to swim group, so we ask you to have a minimum ability of being able to complete at least 1km of freestyle swimming (in about half hour ideally) and also to have some ability in one other stroke.

Eeep! I can only swim freestyle (front crawl) and breaststroke!

That's okay! The coaches will write the program for the session on the whiteboard and it will use the terms free (aka freestyle swimming) and form (aka choose any stroke that's not freestyle). This means you can always get away with just swimming two strokes. However, we'd encourage you to learn all four of the main swimming strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly) and our coaches will be happy to help you out with that.

What happens when the coach writes all this stuff on the board and I'm too scared to ask what it means!?

The coach will be happy to explain! Also your fellow swimmers (whom you will soon consider as your team mates!) will be happy to help out. You may want to check out the Terminology section on this website for a few pointers too!

I can't dive!!

To start with you don't have to dive. You can just jump in the pool and start swimming. You will see most of the team starting with one though (its faster and it looks pretty, right?) but you don't have to. At an appropriate point in the season the coach will help you to start to learn to dive - this won't happen overnight but anyone can learn with enough practice!

When do I need to become a member?

You are welcome to come and swim with us up to three times to try out the club, these three swims will be free of coaching and membership fees (note you will still have to pay the pool entry fee at the entry desk). After those three times a coach or committee member will approach you and give you the link to sign up online. Your membership includes all-important insurance - for your safety, and that of other swimmers, we cannot allow you to swim without insurance. Unfortunately, once your three swims are up if you don't join we won’t be able to let you swim with us until you join.

I really really can't swim... but I want to learn. Can you help?

If you can't swim at all then I'm afraid Wett Ones isn't for you (just yet). We are a swimming squad that follows a regular training program for fitness, fun, and competition. We therefore do have a minimum requirement that you be able to swim around 1km in half an hour and be able to swim freestyle and at least one other stroke. If you are interested in learning to swim we know of several LGBTQ friendly swim instructors - please get in touch with us and we can recommend one.