• SOPAC (map)
  • Olympic Boulevard
  • Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, 2127
  • Australia

Swim Relays Only with your club members! This is a super fun swim meet giving all members, regardless of ability, the chance to swim in SOPAC alongside your team members.

Relays consist of 4 club members swimming one after the next. Teams can be all the same gender, or mixed.

Relay options available: 4x100m, 4x50m, 4x25m - all in freestyle or medley*.

Maximum 5 swims per swimmer.

*Medley relays - first swimmer swims, backstroke, second swims breast, third swims fly, fourth swims free.

Info is here: http://www.mastersswimmingnsw.org.au/News/nsw-relay-meet-6

To enter - email our Club Registrar, Vas, prior to 5th July. vasrod@hotmail.com