• Cobblers Beach (map)
  • Cobblers Beach Road
  • Mosman, NSW, 2088
  • Australia

About the Sydney Skinny

It can often seem a bleak world.

Relentless personal daily stresses combined with apparently endless inequality and problems can lead us to concentrate on the negatives.

Bringing out the worst in us, make us focus on our differences and problems. And tragically become hardened and selfish in the process.

In this context we are dedicated to providing an event that, once every year, does the precise opposite.

A day that lifts the human spirit.

Celebrates and promotes all that is fabulous about this life we have been given.

A communal event that is utterly positive, uncynical and inclusive.

 The Sydney Skinny Mission Statement

We want to help make the world a slightly nicer place - one swimmer at a time. Our intention is for everyone to come out of the ocean feeling more optimistic, happier and connected.

The Sydney Skinny Ambition

The Sydney Skinny is an event that guarantees that for at least one day a year, everyone (no matter their gender, size, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, financial status or physical ability) has the opportunity to drop all pretense and focus on the things that unite us and make life worth living: courage, acceptance, kindness, friendship, family, adventure, laughter, nature, shared effort, overcoming adversity, exercise, love, charity, community, diversity, helping others – and above all joy.

In doing The Sydney Skinny you are not just having an enormously fun day, you will be contributing to a growing worldwide movement that believes, despite all its horrors and sadness, life is wonderful and humanity is inherently good and full of limitless potential if motivated and focused in the right way.

Like dropping a pebble in a lake and watching the ripples gently spread far and wide, we intend each year to be a small positive part of humanity's evolution towards a better, fairer, happier, more meaningful world.