We thought it was time to give you a quick run down on our upcoming swim meet. Remember its on Mardi Gras eve - Friday 2nd March at 5pm!

Registrations close at noon on Friday 23rd February. Click here to register.

While you still have a few weeks to register, we're asking you to do it now. Reasons to do it ASAP:

  • Lets you start organising relays (scroll down for more info)
  • Gives us confidence that we will have a worthwhile event
  • Brings cash into the club earlier to help us have an awesome Mardi Gras

You can ask one of our coaches, or race secs (Nick/David), if you need help with entering your times.

Scroll on down for more info on the meet...

Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me tristan@wettones.org

Tristan, Meet Director '18

What to expect from the event...

As our old timers will tell you (and I'm including myself in that!) the Wett Ones meet is the best meet on the swimming calendar. Why... because we swim hard, and have so much fun. With this new meet format we hope to distill the best parts of the previous Wett Ones swim meets and move them to the spectacular harbour-side location at ABC pool.

As the meet is non-sanctioned, we can keep the cost low and allow all swimmers to join us, without needing to be affiliated with a swim club - any age, gender, sexuality - so INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

If anyone wants to do a swim meet but hasn't yet, this is the perfect one to make your first - everyone you know will be there to explain how things work.

We'll be following standard masters rules to ensure things run smoothly, so you will be swimming next to people who enter similar times to you - with the slower times going first and the faster swimmers going last in each event. You can enter any 3 of the 50m events (Breaststroke, Butterfly, Backstroke, Freestyle) plus the 100m Freestyle - though if want to enter fewer events you are welcome to. We're also swimming some relays, which are explained below.

RELAYS! (aka the fun bit!)

Event 5 - 4x100 Medley Relay

  • If you enter the meet as a Wett One (club code NWO) Nick & David will try their best to fit you into a relay team. You don't have to do anything else - just let them know if you want to opt out.
  • A Medley Relay team has 4 people each swimming a different stroke.
  • The first swimmer does 100m of backstroke, then the next does breaststroke, then butterfly, then freestyle.
  • Your combined age and your combined time determine how you place as a team.
  • Only swimmers registered for this meet can take part.

Event 7 - 4x50 Handicap Relay

  • Teams are made up of 4 friends of any age and gender.
  • Each person will have to swim 50m in any stroke they choose.
  • You won't be entered automatically, you will need to fill in an entry form at the start of the meet, or you can enter online now. You just need a team name and how long it will take the 4 people to complete the swim.
  • Teams will be handicapped according to their total entry time, so every team has an equal chance of winning.
  • You can swim with other Wett Ones, or bring in any other friends who are interested!