Wett Ones 2019 memberships now available

If you think 2018 has been a big year at Wett Ones, just wait to see what we have in store for 2019!  

Annual memberships for Wett Ones LGBT+ Swimming Club Inc, provided by Masters Swimming Australia, are now available for renewal.  Read on below to find out how you can re-join Sydney’s most gay and lesbian swimming club for another exciting year in and out of the pool...

We look forward to your renewed membership, participation and enthusiasm for a massive 2019!

Key contacts for 2019

Registrar Evan Morris (registrar@wettones.org) can help you with any questions you have related to your membership and entering swim meets. Whether you are renewing, you are a new member or have been a member in the past, Evan is here to help you.

Female Rep Susie Purcell (women@wettones.org) and Male Rep Charlie Edwards (men@wettones.org) are both available for anything club related and they are the best people to contact if you would like to raise something with the committee.

from left to right: Evan, Susie and Charlie.

from left to right: Evan, Susie and Charlie.

Benefits of Membership

  • Membership with Masters Swimming Australia

  • Access to competitions in Australia and internationally

  • Insurance that covers you and the club

  • Access to nine swimming sessions each week with some of the lowest rates in Sydney

  • Access to a team of qualified coaches

  • Regular masterclasses and stroke correction clinics

  • Exclusive Speedo offers and 30% off Speedo performance swimwear

  • Exclusive access to our members-only Facebook group (non financial members will lose access at the end of Jan 2019)

How to Join

Membership Fees:
- $130 for a standard member
- $85 for youth (25 and under)
- $85 concession (please contact Evan for approval before using this option)

Steps to Register:
1. Visit the Masters Swimming Australia Membership Portal
2. Choose your option of either New Member or Renewal
3. If you are renewing login using your existing username and password. We can no longer look this up for you. Please check your email or use the forgot password option to retrieve your details.
4. Choose NSW as your state and if you need it our club code is NWO
5. Payment can be made by PayPal or Credit Card

What’s happening in 2019

On our website you can find a full schedule of social events and competitions that we are focusing on; the key highlights here are listed below:

19 Jan - Campbelltown Pointscore Swim meet (first swim meet of the year)
26 Jan - Soaking Wett Australia Day Boat cruise (and the Facebook event)
17 Feb - Mardi Gras Fair Day
2 Mar - Mardi Gras Parade
6 Apr - Wett Ones Pointscore Swim meet
27-28 Apr - State Long Course Championships (SOPAC)
11 May - Wett Ones Half Halloween fancy dress party
25 May - Ettalong Pointscore Swim meet weekend
14 July - NSW Relay meet
12-13 Oct - NSW State Short Course Championships (Woy Woy)

The club is also working towards 2 big events in the future:
Feb/Mar 2020 - IGLA Melbourne
Nov 2022 - Gay Games in Hong Kong