Your new Wett Ones committee met for the first time on Monday to discuss plans for the coming year. The Committee typically meets on the second Monday of each month and it is my intention to provide you with an update following these meetings to keep you informed on the goings on of our club.

Before that, though, I would like to welcome our new members: Andrew Maher, Steffen Docken, Patrick Birgen, Ken Yeh, Kalem Bronner, Scott Walker, Tony Fulton, Peru Urigoitia, Eugene Chan, Andrew Elias, Kate Nankivell and Damian Landais.  Thank you for joining the Wett Ones family.

The 2018-19 committee  Back: Brad, David, Charlie, Nick  Front: Louise, Susie, Robert, Evan, Wendy  In spirit: Janet

The 2018-19 committee

Back: Brad, David, Charlie, Nick

Front: Louise, Susie, Robert, Evan, Wendy

In spirit: Janet


This year’s budget has been drafted to see us break even. This is in stark contrast to the past year when the club made a significant profit.  As noted at our AGM last month, a key driver to this profit was the benefit we received from many of our coaches not receiving payment as they were not yet accredited. As we now have an increased number of accredited coaches (which is a great thing for everyone!) it has seen our coaching costs increase substantially.  While some of this increase is offset by the spike in members attending training, we still have a significant shortfall that needs to be made up.
Therefore, to ensure the club can continue to cover costs, it is necessary to increase both our membership fees and training session fees effective 1 January 2019. These new fees are set out below:
2019 Club membership fee: $130 (25 and under $85)
Evening training fee: $6.00/session ($3.00/25 and under)
Lunchtime training fee: $5.50/session ($2.75/25 and under)

The Committee believes that these increases are essential to ensure that the club’s operating position doesn’t eat into our modest savings. This increase in fees is the first for the club in two years – the membership fee includes the Masters Swimming Australia membership fee. 
Even with this increase in training and membership fees, our costs will continue to be higher than our income and it is only through sponsorship and other efficiencies that we will be able to deliver our proposed balanced budget this coming year. 
In addition to those funds required for coaching fees and lane hire, we plan to invest in our club and our members, in particular:

  • Subsidised entry to the Wett Ones swim meet (scheduled for April 2019) and Masters NSW Relay meet

  • Funding increased engagement with new and existing female members

  • Skills development for our coaches, including a long overdue (albeit modest) increase in coaching fees

  • A series of swimming ‘Master classes’ to focus on and develop better stroke technique

  • No-charge monthly cake night

  • A dedicated Wett Ones Awards Night and club trophies to acknowledge excellence of our members

  • Continued participation in events such as Fair Day, Boot Camps and club social events.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback on the initiatives noted above; a copy of the proposed budget can be found here. A final decision on the Budget will be made at our December meeting.  Please feel free to speak to me about this at the pool, or email me directly at

Swim like a girl
Wett Ones Mardi Gras 2019

The Wett Ones has once again registered for a float in the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The theme this year will be ‘Swim like a girl’ and will celebrate the fantastic results of our female members at the 2018 Gay Games in Paris.  
In the New Year we will call for expressions of interest to participate in the float – it will, as in past years, operate on a first in, first served basis.  We are yet to learn the capacity of the float (this will be determined by the Mardi Gras Board) and we will communicate this soon.
To assist with Mardi Gras preparations our coordinator, Louise, is seeking expressions of interest from members to form a small sub-committee.  The sub-committee will assist Louise with creative, design and logistics for the float and parade.  It would also assist with fundraising to help defray the cost of the float.  If you are interested, please email Louise at  All offers of assistance will be gratefully received – the sub-committee will meet ahead of the next Committee meeting.

Social events

Our social rep, Brad, has been busy preparing a social calendar for the year ahead.  The Committee has endorsed a draft calendar through until June 2019 and it is our intention to hold one or two major club social events in the first six months of 2019. In addition, we will coordinate dinner and drinks events to coincide with swimming carnivals being held throughout the year.  The social calendar is available on our website – keep an eye on our members only Facebook page for event invitations and more details about each event. 
If you would like to assist with social events, or have an idea for an event, please speak to Brad.
Morning swimming sessions

If you attend training on a Monday or Wednesday evening you would have noticed how busy it has been recently. As an alternative we have started morning swimming sessions at Victoria Park Pool operating through until the end of December.  These morning sessions are coached by Peter (on Monday) and Mark (on Thursday) and offer a quieter alternative to lane 6 and 7 swimmers. If there is sufficient interest in these sessions we will look to continue them into the new year.
Not detailed in this email, but important issues to be considered by the committee going forward include:

  • a review of our club uniforms

  • updates to our website

  • preparation for IGLA 2020 in Melbourne

  • a swim camp, and 

  • development of a fundraising and sponsorship prospectus.  

Expect to hear more about these items in the months ahead. It promises to be a big year!
If you’ve read this far, well done and thank you - my endeavour is to keep future updates much shorter!  As always, to keep up to date with the goings on at the club, keep an eye on our members only Facebook group, or feel free to speak to any committee member.  
Happy swimming,

PS - don't forget our Xmas party at the Tama SLSC on 9/12 - details here.