In August this year, the Wett Ones are travelling to Paris to compete in the Gay Games. Not only will it be important for those competing to keep up regular attendance at training, but to also get in plenty of race practice in the lead up.

In light of this, we are targeting a larger number of Masters Swimming meets this year than in previous years. The targeted meets have been selected based on when they are being held, the meet quality, and ease of getting there and include:

3 February, Campbelltown
2 March, Wett Ones (Andrew Boy Charlton)
17 – 18 March, MSNSW LC Championships (Olympic Park)
26 May, Woy Woy
7 July, Manly (Abbotsleigh)
21 July, MSNSW Relay Meet (Olympic Park)
5 – 10 August, Gay Games (Paris)

For those who love competing there are also several other meets throughout the year including the National LC Championships being held in Perth in April. Details of these can be found on the Masters Swimming NSW Meet Calendar.

Even if you’re not planning on attending the Gay Games, try to make it to as many of these meets as you can – they are a fun day out with your team mates and allow you to track your progress as you improve your swimming.

Masters Swimming races are always organised so that people with similar nomination times for each event swim against each other. So, no matter what your age or whether you train in Lane 6, 7 or 8 (or not at all), there’s no reason for you not to have go.

As we get closer to the meet dates reminders will be sent out to complete your registrations. Several of the meets (including the Wett Ones’ Mardi Gras meet) are already accepting registrations so why not get your entries in today!

If you have any questions or need help with registering, come see David or Nick by the pool deck and they will be happy to help.

See you at training!

David Loader & Nick Westaway

Race Secretaries / Team Registrars