Throughout December we surveyed our members to help the new committee get a better understanding of those who are engaged with the club and what they want out of it. Some of the key results are shared below. While the committee can't promise to act on everything we have learned - there are various financial, logistical, and practical considerations to making any changes the club - these results can certainly shape the way we run club in the future.

About the Respondents

Member Ages

As we know, most of our members are 'middle-aged'.

Member Gender

A continued focus for the club is to achieve gender parity.

How Many Swims Per Week?

Many of our swimmers come along three times per week!

Which Pool?

While obviously most members swim at USyd, ABC also remains very popular!

General Questions

This section of the survey was designed to better understand who are members are and what they want from Wett Ones. Designing a survey to do this without unintentionally swaying the results through a leading phrasing is difficult to say the least. Therefore these results are by no means definitive, but they do give a good indication of our member’s motivations and thoughts on the club.

Why do you come back to Wett Ones?

A majority of our members listed improving or maintaining their fitness as their main reason for attending sessions. The social aspects of the club also received a good number of high votes.

What phrase best describes Wett Ones?

In a fairly hotly contested question, the response of 'A club open to anyone regardless of gender or sexuality' received the most votes. This is how we have approached running the club for many years and it is good that the members support this position.

What are your swimming goals?

The majority of our swimmers' main goal is to improve some aspect of their swimming like a time or element of a stroke. Some of our swimmers used competitions as a target with GayGames and OutGames being more eagerly anticipated than Masters events. Many of our members do not have a particular goal!

Questions About Coaching

When thinking of form stroke instruction, coaching should focus on...

We asked whether there was a preference for a focus specifically on one of the form strokes or if people were happy with the current (mixed) programmes. The results were conclusively in favour of continuing a mixed programme (with backstroke and breaststroke obviously getting more votes butterfly - to no one's surprise!)

What kinds of sets do you prefer?

Next we asked about the type of swimming sets that our members prefer – and there are two clear favoured options here, firstly specifically targeted drill sets were popular, but mostly people want a mixed programme that keeps them interested for the long term.

What masterclass/workshop do want next?

There were clear favourites here! Freestyle and backstroke are preferred as the next workshops. A freestyle masterclass needs to specifically target technique improvements with measureable results (improved efficiency/speed), and a backstroke workshop needs to get the base level of the stroke (our clubs weakest) up.

Questions about club finances

How to move to a 'cashless' payment model?

The committee has long been investigating a way to reduce the amount of cash handling within the club, and also to make payment more convenient for members. The 20 swim cards that are currently being trialled prove to be very popular here.

If the club needed more money...

WIth increased lane hire fees and other costs, the club is in danger of making a loss, and so we askedhow the members would prefer that remedied. A significant proportion would prefer to pay a larger annual fee than raise money in other ways.

Sunday Session Preferences

Sunday training sessions are attended by fewer members than all other sessions, to the point where they make a loss for the club. So we asked if there was anything that could be changed. The results were mixed and there were fewer responses to this questions that the others. The committee will continue to investigate ways to expand Sundays.

Are you a member of Sydney Uni Sports?

Just less than half of the members responding to the survey are members at Sydney Uni Pool. If you swim twice a week or more then you should consider joining as you will save money!

And finally, just for fun...

We asked our members if they knew what some key swimming words and phrases mean. Most people knew what all the words meant, but there were some who didn't, so just in case:

Taper - This is the short period just before a competition where your training becomes less intense, to allow your muscles to recover so that they can perform at your best during your race.

Paddles - These are the small moulded plastic or rubber tools which strap to your hand while swimming. They give you a better ability to pull through the water with increased feeling and increase the amount of work that your arms and shoulders are doing. Small paddles are recommended though as they affect your stroke less while still giving you the benefits.

HVO - This is an instruction you will see written by our coaches, and stands for High Velocity Overload/Output. It means swim as fast as you possibly can (above race pace) for an intense burst at the start of a lap (first 15m to 20m) before easing off to recover for the next lap.

Aero - This is instruction is short for aerobic training and has the same meaning in water as it does on land. Basically to push yourself as much as possible without becoming short of breath (i.e. remaining in the aerobic training zone rather than the anaerobic zone). This should be around 70% of your maximum effort.

Carnival - This term is used interchangeably with a club swim meet in Australia. It basically means a serious of races which is hosted by a club under Masters Swimming rules. These are a great opportunity to practice your starts, turns, and swimming at race pace, prior to a big target meet such as OutGames or National Championships (as well being fun events in themselves!).