Wett Ones is a not for profit incorporated organisation, run by members of the community. We are also fortunate enough to have experienced, accredited coaches - one or more of whom is pool side to explain and assist with the swimming program and with technique and pointers.

Our Coaches


Peter McGee

Peter is on-deck as a coach on Friday evenings and a regular swimmer with the club at our other sessions. Peter is also a well regarded masters swimming official, and travels around the state providing his watchful eye at many masters swimming competitions.

Vasilli Efimov

As well as being our Wednesday coach, Vas is our club registrar. He is a regular swimmer, competitor, and coach. He will help you join the club and enter you into any competitive events on the Masters Swimming calendar.

Janet Bolton

Janet is our Monday evening coach and often swims with the club. She has previously been an open age swimming coach and elite level swimmer. Janet's sets are different each week and she has a keen eye for detail when it comes to technique.

Our Committee

Club President - Tristan Bray

The club's president is more than a figure head, they help to organise the committee and the coaches, liaise with the pools, chair meetings and ensure the club continues to run in a manner in line with our constitution and the guidelines set out by Masters Swimming Australia.

Women's Rep - Rachelle Ting

Our female representative is the point of contact for any ladies who would like an issue raised with the committee or to have something discussed at a committee meeting. The female rep is also charged with trying the grow the female membership of the club.

Safety Officer - Sam Isaacs

The safety officer ensures coaches are up to date with safety accreditation, deals with safety incidents, and ensures the clubs reporting to Masters is up to date.

Non-Portfolio - Chris Saxby

Assists the committee with getting things done, runs special projects, and provides ongoing input to decisions.

Secretary - Bart Tuteleers

Our club secretary is kept busy with answering your emails, updating social media and the mailing list with upcoming events, as well as planning the agenda of, and taking minutes for the committee and membership meetings.

Men's Rep - Nick Ward

The club’s male rep is the point of contact for any men who would like an issue raised with the committee or to have something discussed at the committee meeting. They will also be able to put you in contact with other organisations if you need assistance with non-swimming issues.

Fundraising - Anna Griffin & Susie Purcell

Our fundraising coordinator is responsible for topping up the club’s coffers through our regular raffles, sourcing prizes for competitions, awards and our carnival. Our fundraiser also deals with the relationships we have with our generous sponsors.

Treasurer - Craig Ellis

The treasurer holds the club's purse-strings! The treasurer oversees the club's budget, monitors spending and income from members, they report the monthly balance sheet to the committee each month to keep everyone up to date with the club's financials.

Registrar - Vasilli Efimov

The registrar enters details into the club and Masters Swimming databases and ensuring all the appropriate payments are made. The registrar also keeps us up to date with and enters us into all of the available swimming meets, and keeps track of our times at those meets.

ABC Rep - Bob Nagel

Our club swims at Andrew ‘Boy’ Charlton pool for the eight (warmer) months of the year that it is open. Our ABC coordinator organises this weekly session in its entirety, including booking lanes, collecting money, and discussing the swimming programme with the head coach